Photo Essay: Valentine’s Day Yoga

ATHENS, Ga. – Active couples celebrated the day of love early this year with Vestigo, an online platform to book outdoor and active adventures, on Sunday, Feb. 12. Vestigo partnered up with Terrapin Brew Co. to host a couples yoga class as part of Terrapin’s Weekend of Love. The class, led by Brittany Barnes, taught nine couples how to communicate and work with each other while going through a vinyasa sequence.

Nine couples follow yoga instructor, Brittany Barnes, in a partner warrior pose on Sun. Feb, 12 at Terrapin Brew Co. The class focuses on partners working together to successfully hold a yoga pose. (Photo/Devon Tucker)
Terrapin Brew Co. hosted a Weekend of Love from Friday, Feb. 1o to Sunday Feb. 12. The weekend ended with the Vestigo yoga class led by Brittany Barnes. (Photo/Devon Tucker)
Rochelle Still stretches out with her friend and yoga partner Lacey Flynn. The yoga class was open to all types of couples and relationships. (Photo/Devon Tucker)
Couples follow yoga instructor, Brittany Barnes, in a supported side body stretch. The Vestigo yoga class specialized in relying on and supporting your partner to achieve the end goal of a beautifully balanced yoga pose. (Photo/Devon Tucker).
Phi Nguyen (left) watches Lacey Flynn (middle) and Rochelle Still (right) as they hold the pose natarajasana together. This yoga position, also known as Lord of the Dance pose, helps increase concentration and decreases stress levels.  (Photo/Devon Tucker)
Mother, Jackie Barnes (left), and daughter, Ashley Barnes (right), laugh together as they work with each other to stand up.  As Brittany Barnes led the class she kept it very interactive and encouraged every attendee to let go and have fun in the moment.    (Photo/Devon Tucker)
Thomas Whitney (left) and his girlfriend Holly Munro (right) balance one another during tree pose. The partner class taught couples how to work together and bring them closer. By doing so, couples could go deeper into positions than they would by themselves. (Photo/Devon Tucker)

Fuel Hot Yoga Offers Free Classes

Fuel Hot Yoga, located at 398 Foundry St., will host an open house this Sunday, January 22, 2017 from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. The open house will include complimentary classes, retail deals and giveaways for all students that attend.

The studio, formerly known as Bikram Yoga Athens, is taking reservations ahead of time for attendees to reserve a spot in one of the six classes offered on Sunday. The first-come first-served classes include Hot Vinyasa, Bikram Yoga, and Yin Yoga.

The classes at Fuel Hot Yoga leads its participants through a series of yoga poses in a room that has the heat turned up. The studio is also for all levels of yoga goers.

Fuel Hot Yoga students walk out of the studio on Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017. (Photo / Devon Tucker)

If you are new to the practice of hot yoga, the studio recommends the Bikram yoga class for beginners. The 90 minute yoga class will be offered for free three times on Sunday, at 10 a.m, 2 p.m, and 4 p.m.

However, if interested in another style of yoga, the studio will also offer a free Hot Vinyasa class at 8 a.m and 12 p.m and a Yin Yoga class at 6 p.m.

The 90 minute Hot Vinyasa class is perfect for those with a little more experience. It is a blend of five styles of yoga that focuses on advanced sequences. Students will be taught meditation, inversions and deep back bends.

The third type of class offered on Sunday is a 60 minute Yin Yoga class. Yin Yoga is ideal for those who do not like hot yoga classes. It is taught at a slower pace and the studio is not heated. The class targets your ligaments and connective tissues to increase your natural range of motion.

While attending the open house, guests will be given the opportunity to win some membership deals and door prizes. Some prizes will be a free month of yoga, a yoga mat and a towel, yoga clothes and water bottles.

If you are unable to attend Fuel Hot Yoga’s open house this Sunday, new members still have the option to buy the 30 Days Unlimited Yoga package for $30. This package allows a new customer to attend as many classes as they want for a month.