DRAFT: Shakti Yoga Can Help You De-stress During Finals

As students roll into finals, their stress levels are about to be at an all-time high. The end of the year can be filled with frustration and anxiety, so it is important to keep stress levels low. Thankfully Athens’ newly opened studio, Shakti Power Yoga Athens located at

Shakti Power Yoga Athens is located at 940 Prince Ave., Athens, Ga 30606. (Photo/Devon Tucker)

940 Prince Ave., Athens, Ga 30606, offers the perfect deal for students who are looking to de-stress during this stressful time.

Shakti offers new students a package of $30 for unlimited classes for 30 days and students can get their money’s worth only after taking two classes. The classes range from heated power classes to guided meditation classes.

When it comes to stress management, yoga is ideal for fighting stress and finding serenity in your day according to the Mayo Clinic. They explain that the practice allows oneself to bring peace to both their body and mind and that Hatha yoga is a good choice for managing stress.

For students who are looking for a mental balance during finals, Shakti does not fall short on class options that will help you de-stress.


The practice of iRest incorporates intentional meditation and body relaxation and it is taught in an unheated classroom on Friday mornings. iRest Yoga has its practitioners recognize their peace of mind that is present during all circumstances of life and it decreases stress, anxiety, depression and even insomnia.


Guided Meditation

This unheated class is immediately after Shakti’s Ashtanga Primary Series class and is dedicated to 30 minutes of breathwork and meditation. Similar to iRest, meditation helps lower anxiety and stress levels but also increases one’s concentration and ability to focus.



After sitting in the library all day, muscles can become stiff and even sore. Restorative yoga incorporates props such as tennis balls and blocks to assist with the healing and releasing of tight muscles, plus nourishing your connective tissues. This class is unheated and is held on Sunday evenings.


Flow and Restore

If you want to relax and still get a workout, the Flow and Restore class is held in a warm classroom that guides you through a vinyasa sequence. The class ends with an extended savasana that Shakti says it has you “leave feeling clear and refreshed”. It is held on Sunday and Tuesday mornings.

Flow and Yin

This class combines the practices of vinyasa and yin yoga. According to Shakti, vinyasa flow is medicine for the mind and yin yoga is healing for the body. The class guides students through deep stretches and is taught in a warm classroom on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

For more information on Shakti Yoga Athens visit their website here.


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