Maven Clinic Offers Online Subscriptions for College Women

The healthcare platform Maven now offers a subscription for women in college called Maven Campus. This nationwide plan allows students to connect with medical providers through video appointments and unlimited texting.

Maven Clinic launched the student plan about a year after they first introduced their platform in 2015. For $45 a month or $300 for a year, female students have the opportunity to send unlimited text messages and video appointments with more than 700 medical providers nationwide. 

FullSizeRender 2
Maven Clinic allows women to book appointments 24/7 and for students the platform only costs $45 a month. (Photo/Devon Tucker)

When a patient makes their appointment, Maven Campus connects students to a myriad of specialists for both primary care and mental health including ob-gyns, nurse practitioners, and specialists for mental health. These private telemedical appointments are also not limited to the daytime. They can be accessed 24/7 and do not have to be scheduled in advance.


After Maven’s launch in April 2015, founder and CEO Kate Ryder noticed the increasing popularity of the app on college campus and realized that women in college were facing unique health issues. According to, Ryder explains that college students were facing new health challenges with mental and sexual health and it was difficult to get answers from their on-campus health centers. They developed Maven Campus to address these specific needs for students so students can feel comfortable with discussing their health needs.

India Milling, a 21-year-old nursing major from McDonough, Ga says, “One thing I’ve learned in nursing school so far is how important it is to trust your health care providers and form a relationship with them where you feel comfortable discussing your health concerns. I think maven clinic sounds great because it offers the opportunity to pick your healthcare provider based on background and credentials and then form that relationship with them all through the online app”.

The practitioners that Maven accepts to the platform go through a highly selective process with only 35% of the practitioners being accepted. Their providers have a 4.9 out of 5 star rating and are not limited to women’s and mental health. The subscription provides unlimited access to instant prescriptions, help with acne, nutrition, the cold and flu and even physical therapy.

If you want to get involved with Maven Campus, check out their ambassador program here.



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