Georgia’s Golda Kombucha Sees Significant Growth

Kombucha, a fermented tea, is rising in health popularity nationwide and Georgia’s very own brand, Golda Kombucha, has seen significant growth in recent months.

Golda Kombucha sells to-go cups and growlers at the Bishop Park Farmers Market. (Photo/Devon Tucker)

Golda Kombucha was started by Melanie Wade in 2013, and her brand was Georgia’s first kombucha tea to hit local markets. To Wade, kombucha is not just a business to her, it is a part of her family history.  Melanie Wade’s grandmother, Golda, has been brewing kombucha for over 40 years in the Blue Ridge Mountains and has since then passed on her knowledge to Melanie.

Wade spent multiple years perfecting the craft of brewing kombucha with her grandmother and as of 2013, she has expanded her recipes to the local markets of the southeast.

When Melanie first debuted her business to local farmers markets and festivals in Atlanta, knowledge of kombucha was not common to the public.

“When I first started my business here in Atlanta, no one really knew what kombucha was. I really had to educate the governing bodies to get my business license and to tell them exactly what kombucha was. It was pretty difficult because they didn’t know and it was like teaching them a whole new concept” explains Wade.

Wade’s time spent educating the public has paid off. Today, Golda Kombucha can be found in over 110 Kroger supermarkets and in eight Whole Foods Markets. Golda can also be found in the local Athens area at the Bishop Park Farmers Market, West Broad Farmers Market, Hendershot’s, Sips, Donderos and the Daily Groceries Co-op.

Golda Kombucha sells flavors ranging from lavender lemonade to peach ginger. (Photo/Devon Tucker)

According the New York Times, the kombucha industry is a national market now with companies like GT’s Kombucha producing more than a million bottles of kombucha a year and Wade holds this trend in the southeast. Golda Kombucha was the first kombucha business to hit Georgia and Wade projects significant growth in the coming months with the rising popularity.

“It wasn’t until fall of 2016, so about 6 months ago, that people really started understanding it and really started to catch on to the health benefits of it,” says Wade, “It is really popular out west, like in California, and I think that it really is just the wave of kombucha coming to the east coast. So I am definitely projecting a lot of growth of the next few years”.

If you want to learn more about Golda Kombucha, you can find information on Melanie’s company here.


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